I like to play in the blues scale alot, and I was listening to some blues, and I decided to post a part of a solo guitar instrumental that I wrote a while back. I don't want to post the whole instrumental, as it's like 5 minutes long, and it has alot of notes. But i'll post the riff I base the song around (Yes, I know it's the blues scale, and it'd probably sound pretty lame if you play it exactly as I write it, but the trick is to incorporate bends and the occasional muted doublestop, and tempo changeups).
Also, bring into mind that i've only been playing guitar for a year, electric for 6 months.


140 BPM (Think faster SRV time and tempo for verse parts, play slower for intro)

Part 1 (intro riff, play slower)

Part 2 (Verses I guess)

Basically it continues like that, but whenever you change keys, you start at the middle of the part 2 (where the 7bp5 is on the g string), but you just play it in a different part of the fretboard.
The cool thing about this song is that I can change it up quite a bit, the parts I wrote down are bad in the sense that I didn't have enough time to get the better parts written down.
Also, please give me comments on this, and I want as much critique as possible on the current riffs, and if enough people want me to, i'll post the whole song when I have alot of time to jot it down.


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Looks good so far. Simplistic, but most of the time things are better simple

Wouldn't go up like that in the beginning, maybe play about on one of the strings for a bit, then a quick run up the scale or somin like that - make it a bit more exciting.

Post the whole thing?