Im not a rank and Profile
And this room is not my trial
But it feels like Im on the stands
Pleading the fifth
Dumb to the words in my mouth
All my thoughts are getting out
A human concience is
feading the rift

Dont rate me
You'll break me
I could snap at any moment
Im not fake see
Dont make me
Guess im about to blow it

V-I have hid so much away
from the past and to this day
Is it possible that you
see my true face
Is anything left in there
Anymore than just a shell
maybe there is still a heart in
me tied to place

If happy is just a dream
Im under a light beam
Love the good and **** the bad
I'll be alright
dispair is all a lie
all the pain you survived
Look at the pariah outcast
and still they fight