so i have to make a piece of paper look all old because im doing this thing where you show a death and birth certificate from the 1930s related to the book to kill a mockingbird,

so anyone know how to make a piece of paper look really old?
literally burn the edges just not too much. Maybe with a lighter.
rub it with a wet tea bag, then leave it out in the sun for a few hours. maybe scorched it with a lighter.
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Crumple it and un-crumple it a lot.
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pretty much all of the above, but you could also rub some dirt on it. Also, a craft store or something might have paper that's made to look old already.
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nnnice thanks dudes now to go get some tea bags from the store, i dont drink tea so i dont have any XD
put a couple of teabags in to a bowl of warm water, leave the paper to soak the colour uo, then dry it,
rip it a little and screw it up a bit
burning it a little can help

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