Hello everyone.

My question might be weird, but I am still new to the guitar thing.

I have a Ibanez RG2550 prestige and a Crate flexwave 65 amp. I am looking to get a real clean distortion sound. I know my amp is not that great, it is not a tube and I know you should start with a good amp. But is there anyway to get a real good CLEAN distortion sound with real good pedals? I figure my amp has a good clean channel so if I can get good pedals for it, it might help.

Example, I am trying to learn a song that is distorted but very clean and tight and full of pinch harmonics. Is there a good pedal I can get?

Thank you.
fulltone makes nice stuff but its hard to find. just get a boss DS-1.
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Can you say what kind of music you are going to play, could help or else then i would recommend EHX Metal Muff if you're into that kind of music (but it is also very versatile pedal IMO) or maybe a Modded Boss DS-1?.
Clean Distortion is an Oxymoron. But i think i kno what u mean. I have a DS-!, and when its set right, i can get a nice tight crunch out of it. I like it. Maybe try a Big Muff or English Muff'n pedal.
Do you mean clean as in still distorted, but without the white noise that overpowers the actual notes that comes along with most cheap distortion pedals?
Depends on how much you're looking to spend, and what kind of music you play.
From your example, I'm assuming you play hard rock/metalish stuff, so I'd recommend the EHX metal muff. It's pretty good for metal, and doesn't cost too much (that is, if cost is an issue). If you're willing to spend a load of money, there's definately better ones, but they come with a bigger price tag.
Thanks for the advice guys. I am trying to play the Top Gun theme right now. I am hoping I can get something close to the sound, without buying a crazy marshall tube stack.

The theme has a real tight sound to it but it is distorted. Hope that helps.