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Thought this would be interesting as Im sure there are a lot of you with people whom I have never heard of that you respect, so I could broaden my horizon a bit.

Apart from that, I would say that I have a huge amount of respect for one Steve Vai. Now people often link him to insane shredding and technical skill, and also for his amazing album "Passion and Warefare". But Ive got nearly all his late solo albums and Im just bloody astonished.

His skill is simply quite phenomenal, but the way he incoorperates it into his music is different from the way Malmsteen or Jason Becker does, rather than filling bars with melodious scales going up and down, he has reams of different techniques that sound almost simple but when you look at it on paper its astounding.

But anyway, Im not going to vent on how wonderful Vai is, he is a great songwriter with great talent, and Ive drawn a lot of inspiration from him. So what about you lot?

And please, I dont want to have a discussion on whether Vai is great or simply a shredding bee, pm me if you want to do that.
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i have respect for Micheal Angelo.
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Mozart, probably the worlds best composer, his ease of composition was absolutely incredible.
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Jan Vetter (Farin Urlaub) - guitarist of german 'Die Ärzte'
jason becker, hands down.

his story is soooo inspiring. it makes me want to carry his legacy!
John Frusciante, everything he's doing, everything he's done and what he's come back from is inspiring in itself.
Well, I have mucho respect for one Reb Beach - me and him have similar playing styles, in that we cannot do massive staccato scale runs, and have to use tapping/legato as a means of playing massive scale runs. That, and his trem use is just freakin' awesome! He also is a very cool guy to meet and talk to. He's not the best - he's not trying to be - but he is still a guitar hero none-the-less. Above and beyond that, he is always in GREAT bands (Winger/Dokken/Whitesnake/Night Ranger/Alice Cooper), playing GREAT music. I think that speaks volumes about his abilities.

George Lynch is also a person I have respect for, sort-of. His playing, and his ability to emote are first-rate. He possesses technique that is so minute, so HIM that you can't put it on paper... he possesses that intangible factor, that level of knowledge, that makes him what he is - THE ONE AND ONLY. There will never be another like him! As a human being, I hear that he is a schmuck... but I only care about his volume of work, anyways.

IMO, good thread!
James Jamerson (im a bassist) his playing set the standard for all electric bass players to follow, each influencing each other one after another, but he started it all.

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Certainly not the most technical guy ever, but he's awesome anyway. I have loads of respect for the Beatles and Muse too.
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Michel Petrucciani.
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I have a lot of respect for George Harrison too. He was an extremely underated guitarist and Beatle. IMO, many of the Beatles best were written by him. Something, Think For Yourself, etc. Plus, a lot of his harmonies and background vocals just make thte song. He will always be one of my idols.
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John Frusciante, everything he's doing, everything he's done and what he's come back from is inspiring in itself.

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Dweezil Zappa ! the zappa plays zappa tour is awesome !

I dont respect any 1 player over all others.... I have my favorites, but I respect even the players that I dont care for that much.
Joe Satriani.

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Jason Becker. Songs like Altitudes are amazing, and definately not just shreddityshred. (altough he did some of that too..)
Al DiMeola or John Petrucci.
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Jari Maenpaa. He's so inspirational to me, and has written most of my favorite songs of all time.

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Joe Satriani and John Petrucci - The best example of shredders
John Mayer - I respect him because he can play a song on many different ways and still sound great, besides he is a great songwriter.
Besides being a guitar player, I'm a big fan of the guitar. I love that damn instrument. Steve Vai

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If I had to pick one.... Ry Cooder, for the way he is able to bring together and play all styles of music.

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Dweezil Zappa ! the zappa plays zappa tour is awesome !

That's good to know, I'm seeing them with Vai on the 30th.
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eddie van Halen.

musical respect, not in terms of his personal life though.
Youtube covers

Jonny Greenwood. By far.

A real artist, not a shreddz0r guitar player.
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George Harrison, very underrated, even if you see him as just the guitarist in perhaps the biggest band ever.

Richie Sambora too, very underratted.

Alice Cooper once was asked if he could have ONE guitarist for the rest of his career, who would he choose. He said Sambora.
Marc-Andre Hamelin, an absolutely stunning concert pianist and all-around great guy. Also, John Petrucci.
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