what do you need to know?
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I own what ask some more specific questions for better answers.
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I heard they're good

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They're very smooth, but they don't have the same range and feel as a knife-edge trem... Although I consider buying a S7320
i just want to know basically what they r like compared to edge 3s, sorry, i shud hav been more specific
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i just want to know basically what they r like compared to edge 3s, sorry, i shud hav been more specific

Compared to Edge IIIs, a ZR trem is like a delicious cherry pie baked by God himself.
^ with a cherry on top. It's funny how they can make two trems so different from the same roll of pressed tinfoil.
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they're a completely different beast.

edge 3 is a low quality LFR which is made out of inferior materials and whose knife edges wear out quicker than a hookers vagoo.

the ZR doesn't have any knife edges to wear out so it lasts a lot longer. It's not made out of the best materials, but because of it's design it doesn't need to be.

some people don't like the feel of a ZR trem but it's personal preference, try it and see if you like it.
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I went to the ZR trem on the S470 from a standard Yamaha Pacifica bridge and it's sooooo smooth to move up and down. I also find it really quick and easy to change strings and tune up. Wonderful!
I find the opposite. I found it considerably tough to use, and very gritty. It is a pain to even tune it slightly, and I didnt like the feel.
That begin said, I dont own one, but have played 3 different Ibanez guitars with the Tremolo. Seriously, you NEED to try it before you buy it