Hello everyone. I've been playing the guitar for a little over a year now, and I'm getting pretty frusterated on what guitar to get to replace my old one. I really like to play rock such as AC/DC, Ozzy, a little Metallica. However, I like to play some bluesy stuff too. Here's my deal.

I have a Peavey Valve King Half Stack. I've been playing with an old Fender SquireII. Its pretty old and needs to parts replaced. I've been in the market for trying new guitars, but I'm just not sure. I originally purchased a Tony Iommi Signature G-400 guitar. However, it sounded way to fat and fuzzy on the Peavey. I don't know if it is the amp or not, but I ended up returning it. I then tested and bought a Ibanez RG5EX1. However, the Floyd Rose is a B***H, and heaven help you if you have to replace a string. Also, it never stayed in tune. I liked the Ibanez to a point because it sounded sharp through the amp and not fat and fuzzy. I returned it to. Anyway, I went to Guitar Center down the road, and all they want to push is Gibson. I just don't have $1000-1800 to spare for that. I'm not that freakin good. So I'm looking for a little advice on what to try out. I'm hoping to find a good guitar that will work great with the Valve King. I'm aware that the posts may vary like flavors of ice cream, but I really need some help figuring out the right mix.

yeah.. for PRICE, ibanez is a good resort.
unless you dislike thin necks.

you play EXACTlY what my friend plays,
and his first guitar was an Epiphone.
then he got a Mexican Strat which , by the way, is amazing.
im sorry, did you say fender squirel? x)
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why not, i started using the zakk wylde boomers and now every third note i hit is a pinch harmonic

sorry (about my previous post).. i dont recall if it was a gibson SG or an epiphone that has the same overall look.
I don't know why your Iommi sounded too fat, must be the pickups and your settings or something. The Gibson Iommi neck humbucker is meant for heavy distortion. But, I always play with the bridge pickup when I'm playing clean, it's got a really nice tone. You could try a real Fender or something with some single coils in it, because it's sounding to me like humbuckers are too "fat" of a sound for you. You might want to look into Jackson guitars too, a lot of their guitars have pretty powerful single coils in them too. Another suggestion I have is turn down the gain on your amp, try a different (if you have one) distortion pedal, and try scooping your mids.
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Try a jackson, especially the Pro series.

They're relatively cheap and cheerful. Not to mention taht they ****ing rock.

How much would a Dk2 dinky cost? Their price list says something like $800 and I see its around $600 on zzsounds.
Haaaa haa. Squirell. I just caught it. I knew I should have copied everything in word first. Funny, what a goob. Well, what is strange to me is the SQUIREII sounds more sharp, (If that's the right word) than any other. That's why I was wondering if it was the Valve King. The Iommi came with .10 strings, while the Ibanez came with .09. I did try to adjust the amp and a DOD distortion pedal I had. It just sounded muffled and such. Maybe it was just that guitar. The real issue I had with the Ibanez was of course the Floyd Rose as well as it sounded over powering. It sounded like I couldn't hear the song, just distortion. Maybe that was just me, but I was trying to mess with as many settings as I could. I might take a drive around town and check out Ibanez other models.
Ok, for all who commented. I got up at 10:00 today and went-a-looking. I ended up buying a Schlecter Diamond Series C1 Elete. I'm quite happy with it.