you guys definetely know how to play your instruments, that always good when in a prog metal band lol. The intro solo has some small phrasing problems in the song Burning shadows. Overall cool stuff, definetely be interested to see how this all pieces together with some bass and vocals.

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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
its cool dude he basically just went into all the threads here and had no constructive criticism for anyone, just ignore people like that.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
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Wow, if you only post that, then just don't post you dumbass. This doesn't help at all.

well u never really asked for advice and what ever :P
fire the innocents - sort out the recording quality but you already know this so il get on with it

intros cool, and it works well with the two guitars, nice lead stuff you know, maybe go up and octave and do the lead again to give it a boost and not repeate to much.
if you guys lay some sweet drums behind this it could really boost it but make sure you think about them alot and dont keep them to sikmple cos its drums that usualy makes or breaks a band
in the middle the lead goes off into a solo thing
sounds alright but it sounds like it goes off the scale a little bit, obv i dont have vocals and drums to go on thought so if you place them right it might not sound so lost. outro is sweet thought and cant really fault the rest

track 2
like the intro, wants me listeing to more
sounds like electronic drums? just dont leave the gap to long and dont rince the riff to much
but the next riff is sweet and works really well with it i love it
next guitar bit is sweeet
then lead comes in again
really think about the licks that your playing and put loads of time into perfecting them like with phrasing and stuff cos agai nit just sounds like shred haah which isnt a bad thing u know but stick some sweet licks in there

the outro solo needs alot at but the backing is good

intro riff again is good and the drums are well placed just stick sokme more fills in
again they sound electronic but that dosent matter for now

personally im not to keen on the next bit, sounds like one of those bits that you need to write something to fill a gap and thats what it sounds like, we all do it but you have gotta really think do i want this and brush up everyhting that you are not 100% pleased with it

but i can tell you guys know how to play guitar
just brush up on it and make sure your happy
oh yeah
and iguess you should be having fun too
Thanks alot, yea those are electronic drums (GP5) because friend didn't have drum when we recorded lol!

Yea sorry for bad quality, on the first song my guitar was probably detuned too.

About the gap on song 2, yep thanks ^^ It wasn't suppose to be that long but had a technical prob lol

When I play the licks myself I do play them perfectly, it's just the recording that's killing them I guess, because I really see no problem when live played o.o Thanks for the tip though.

"the next bit", I hope I'm judging right but I do like it. It fills the gap perfectly, and then the harmonies come in and then there's the little solo

Thanks man I really appreciate it^^
just thought id give my opinion on it all thought as im hoping thats what you want
dont fret man its cool
get on the case of proper recordings, maybe just like one song and i guarantee it will be sick as ****!
p.s. the little solo in the next bit is good and sos the harmony, i diddnt type it right haah thats what being tired does i missed out bits, what i mean was maybe shorten it but let me know when more recordings are up dude
all the best
Ill check it out... but im at school. maybe later

but by reading all the reviews, I can tell you guys rock.
first song seemed a little repetitive, but overall you guys know how to play. might help if you got a singer though.
damn, you guys are really good, if you didn't live so damn far away I'd be able to find a bassist within the hour. All you need is a singer now, and then we find out what happens!
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thanks for the comments ^^ Yea we need a bassist and a singer

Nah who needs a bassist octave pedals can do wonders! Lol jk. Anyways the music is awsome Keep it up bro
dude, this would be a lot better with some decent quality and actual percussion sections. once you have everything sorted out it could be goood stuff man. and if you deviated a littel more from such a standard power metally sound. there's potential there for sure.