Hey (thankyou for even bothering to open this lol)

long story short i want a new rig and im in the UK

i play accoustic and electric in the set up (also looking for an acoustic picup here http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=704245 ) i play;
electric- indie / rock e.g incubus / rhcp / the killers / muse / razorlight
acoustic - john butler trio, newton faulkner etc

i have my custom tele with BKP brown sugars - thats staying no matter what
an epi g400 that might go maybe depends
vox ad50vt that can go PM if your interested
boss oc-2 pedal that can also go
a shure sm58 copy n lead that can also go

all in all i want my set up to include a full valve amp -
i have the laney vc30 212 in mind but any other suggestions would be helpful?

a few pedals to get me a versatile sound - i have a boss sd-1, boss ge-7 and a nobles tr-x tremolo

idealy a wah -vox? / crybaby? i dont know
i have a Big muff project that needs completion so thats there hopefully
id like a distortion / more meaty overdrive
maybe a delay? though which one boss dd3? boss dd6? line 6 dl4?

im just trying to find out whats best for me
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