Im looking for a tube amp. I play mostly rock. Punk to Metal. I need something that will hold lot of volume and have nice overdrive. Any offers. Price is something negotiable, so offer your medium to low priced tube amps......
Ive got a b-52 at 100 watt amp head, its good for every style of music has good cleans and some sick distortion, look it up on the web.

They sell for about 700 but I will sell mine for 450
What guitar did you play through it?
I was on music123 recently and it looked kinda suspicious looking.
Somethign about it made me wonder if it was good.
You said its a double rectifier on craiglists i think. Maybe wrong, but what is your style, I play rock to metal.
What year is it do you know?
And What condition??
What kindof Overdrive tone?
Is it good for say........Punk stuff with lots of distortion
I want Blink all the way to Ozzy.....
Will it fit? Ive never played one, but ive been looking at one for a while.
I've got a Carvin 100xB for sale, $425 shipped w/footwitch. Same head that Vai uses, awesome tone and right price.
It a tripple rectifier solid state tube a or tube a and b1 Its pretty good for begining musicians My style of playing is basically anything tom morello,and john frusciante and my amp does it all, the three channels are perfect the third high gain channel is amazing for all hard metal sounds while the second gain channel is good for more old contemporary rock/blues like the door/the who stuff like that and the cleans are pretty good. It sounds even better when you throw in an eq pedal to get some more lows and mids you know, but i love the amp the reverb does sound a little fake, not the best but it gets me there other than that, the amp is in perfect shape no dings nothing, i got just a year ago still have all the waranty info, i never really needed to fill it out cause i never had problems with it.

but hey if you want it let me know cause it has got to go, i just bought a jcm 900 combo amp and this thing is just taking up needed space.

If you want i will even throw in the cabinet for free if you take it of my hands, I have no idea what the cabinet is, i found it at a pawn shop it has some pretty cool spray graffiti on it but it looks like it has been through a bunch of owners and has taken a beating, but it works, and i put four new Mesa Boogie 12" Celestions and it sounds way good for all types of rock from blink and nirvana to system of a down and rage.

So let me know if you want it selling for 450 and a free cab but that dosent include shipping cause i havent looked up how much the cost would be to ship it but im guessing add like another 80-100 on top of that.
Oh yeah and it comes with the foot switch and if you want to pay like 45 more i will throw in the eq pedal cause when you have that going through the fx loop its like skydiving but not having to open your parachute you just go for ever you know what i mean.
sorry man. I was really trying hard to get it. Father shot me down. He convinced me to go another route. But......if i do sway him, Ill come back to you. So, theres still hope.
all right, hey also uhm I just realized that i put in new speakers in the cab and they werent cheap, although the apperance of the cab isnt the best the speakers are brand new, so i wouldnt have the cab come with the head for free, the cab would probably be like 150 plus what ever shipping is