So I'm getting really tired of the INF3/4 pair of pickup on my Ibanez RG321MH.
After tried out a Agile with EMG pickups in the store I was stunned by the beautiful sounds it gave.
I've heard people tell me that the sounds the EMG active pickups like the 81/85/8 modelling the sound to the point that it would be almost the same on any type of guitar body. Is this true?
Although the body of my guitar is not top north but I really feel comfortable with it's neck. Would be a shame for me buy a new guitar just because I want the EMGs to sound good on it, though...

Now, which should I get? I though of a 81/85 combination at first but then read that the 89 is almost identical to 85 with more tones but has the advantage to able to work both as single coil and humbucker. Please anyone who own a 85 and 89, help me verify this.
Have you tried 81 in the bridge and 60 in the neck?

Thats my personal favourite combo
What about a 89 for both neck and bridge? ... I've heard people complaining the 81 has too much treble.
I don't know, haven't tried the 89 yet, but I think the 81 works nicely for a bridge pickup, good for leads and stuff.
Yes, the 85 and 89 are just about the same... both use the same Alnico magnets, have the same output, fatness... ect. I just played an 89 today in fact. (neck position) Its pretty cool how you can use the single coil feature, really helps for cleans and whatnot. I would highly suggest it.
Ok. It will be a pair of 89s on my guitar. There're so many combination between them and my 5-way switch isn't going to be able to cover it all. Can someone recommend me a good switch setup for these two pickups?