Hey Guys,
Just bought a cheapo electro acoustic bass off ebay (i know you get what you pay for =/)

But the frets themselves are filthy, so ill be polishing those, is there any specific polish i should use on the frets??? i think theyre brass.

But the thing thats really agitating me is the fingerboard, its a raw finish, just wood with no finish, is there any types of oil or finish i can apply to the fingerboard to smooth it down? preferably to the quality of an electric bass neck =] Its actually rough on my fingers if i rub the fingerboard,

thanks guys xD

Oh, And current nut looks like it isnt actually glued on properly, so may be swapping that for a graphite one with some decent tuners,

thanks again
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You could try Brasso, but try not to get a whole lot on the wood.
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