Okay i'm starting to really explore jazz styles of playing and basically i'd like to see if anyone can help compile a list of what i need to learn

Any specific scales? I know natural minor, harmonic minor etc in a variety of positions and stuff, but what are the really core stuff that i should deffinately learn to make any progress?

7th/6th/9th/Dimnished chords?

If you can help me start of, i'd be amazingly happy
Progressions: ii-V-I, etc.

Jazz is more about chords than scales. My teacher had me jamming on drones for a while. He'd just chug on Ab and I was free to jam in whatever key I wanted, then he'd yell out "Phrygian!" and I'd find that and then we'd go into Aeolian, Melodic Minor, whatever, blues, major pents...

From there we got into some real jazz tunes. What you'll find is the more notes in a chord:

Amin 7 b9 #11 add 13...

you're pretty much stuck with those notes because anything outside of that will fight.

Whereas if you've got E5 you can go everywhere.

More notes in the chord - the more specific your scale choice has to be. Less notes the more freedom you have.

That's why metal bands write a bunch of songs like:


Then they hire some guy out of shredder land somewhere, give him a makeover and tell him to go to work.

As a jazz player you're going to learn to communicate. Communication - be it visual, auditory or even on a more spiritual level (almost ESP I'd say) - is the key to jazz. Actually I'd go out on a limb and say that is what jazz is, it's a musical expression of telepathy or ESP or something, total connection.
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Ahh i see why Jazz has the reputation of being one of the most musically demanding genres
But im glad to be delving into it

So any specific chords etc? And also any songs that are worth looking at on this site ? I've got plenty of jazz on the laptop so i'm not stuck for listening material
Jazz uses pretty much every chord ever and every scale ever. Your best bet is to purchase a real book find some recordings of teh tunes in it, listen and learn.
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Yeah, listen, I'm finding that that's the best way for me. Listen and try to transpose jazzers licks. Then work out what they are. Are they a chord arpeggio? Are they notes from a scale? That way you learn what the greats used when and you can start incorporating it into your playing... I'm seeing some results using this method but I still suck. .
Jazz tends to break the rules. You don't need to know a butt load about theory to do it. It's mostly about feel. Yes, you do need to know what's common like using 7th, and 9th chords. You need to know how to turn scales and improv. them into a jazz feel. Search my other posts in this forum for a more in-depth look because I've already answered several other jazz questions but for the most part, it's practice. Listen to artists, practice.