i started playing the guitar a couple months ago and enjoyed it very much. since then i have learned how to play all of the basic chords and some others, and i can play a select few songs via tabs but other than that i dont know wat else to do besides that. i want to learn more but i feel like im missing some steps..i hope somebody understands wat im talking about cause i barely do
Take heart. Learning guitar for most is like a bell curve. You make HUGE progress at first and then this slows as you go along. The changes come slower but are bigger and more rewarding because you had to work so hard. You will find this with your dexterity and speed.

Hang in there and your axe will reward you

First off, I'm pretty much a noob myself so keep that in mind. But I think a combination of a few good books and lessons on the internet are what you are after. I've come back to the guitar after a long absense and recently purchased the book "Guitar for Dummies," and I am really enjoying it. So my goals are to work through that entire book and get comfortable with all the technics. Once I finish that I have some guitar teaching software that I'll work through. Beyond that, I'm going to get the "Music Theory for Dummies" book and start learning some theory beyond what those previous books cover.

If you want to know specifics a lot of people will recommend more chords, especially barr chords along with major and minor scales and some basic music theory. They will also encourage you to keep on learning new songs.
If you get stuck in a rut on one thing go do something else. There is so much to learn. Find some good exercises to start out with. Work on your vibrato and bending. Learn some scales. And try to learn a new riff each day, not a whole song at one time. Just a few bits and pieces each day. Dont try to bite off to much at one time. If you got something you just cant lick come back to it later. I had alot off stuff that frustrated me, Id give up on it and do something else and come back to it and it just works.
if you haven't learned the basic techniques yet like vibrato, bending, sliding, hammering on, pulling off you should learn those. you should also learn some theory; the major scale(not just the box shape but how to make it) and it's modes, the pentatonic scales, intervals, how to form chords, arpeggios, chromatic scale. That should be enough to keep you occupied for a while.