ok, im making a guitar and i just stained the body which is mahogany. im thinking about putting a layer of polyurithane on it. what are your opinins? thanks
I think you should have gone to the refinishing thread
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It would make it last longer and make it look nicer, I'd do it, just remember the rules of three and learn proper sanding techniques to give it a nice, shiny finish.


Forgot we had a refinishing thread, go there
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do you mean Polyurethane ?
if so, i'd use that if you want your finish to stay on for a very long time.
if you don't mind a kinda relic'd guitar (i personally think it's beautiful) i would definitely get a nitrocelullose lacquer.

just my 2 cents.
just one layer of polyurethane is going to peel and chip off. i had 9 layers on my other guitar and whenever it got bumped the polyurethane would separate from the guitar and leave a bubble where you could literally peel off the finish. i prefer polyacrylic laquer but i don't know if it's best for what you want.
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