Yea... I'm pretty angry, I just paid 100 dollars for it and all it does is muddy up my sound. its like cheap overdrive compared to my 40 dollar digitech grunge pedal!! I've changed batteries and put old ones back in. I even bought a cord to replace the crappy cable I was using. is this pedal a POS or am I doing something wrong?
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thats pretty consistent with what ive heard about that pedal

Same here. But that's all hearsay, haven't played one myself.
I think the pedal is amazing, you have to fool around with the settings y'know.
what do you have your settings at for your amp and on the pedal?
i messed like a mo... like I don't really keep my setting consistant anymore since I like to downtune alot. but on average i just have varied midrange and low and high are up there but about 6 or 7. I messed with the pedal alot. I guess I'm just looking for something like the grunge, but more extreme. I will give the boss the advantage for artificial harmonics though. that was fun for 5 minutes
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The punji sticks only work if you use your own feces. Most brand names aren't reliable.

All I gotta do is put on a cool face...
the grunge isn't anything great, either. sounds like you just want a ton of buzzy distortion.
anyway, any chance you can return the metal core? if not, sell it on craigslist and look for something else. and, if at all possible, play gear before you try it.
You bought the Metal Core? Now all you need is a Marshall MG...
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Yeah. They pretty much suck, IMO. No control over anything as far as your tone goes when its on. Just a ton of fizz.
Juat a thought, you arent using it on top of your amp distortion are you? Use it on the clean channel. If you are doing that already then yeah, you are pretty much boned.
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My tech had one lying around when I came to pick up one of my amps one day. I tried it out. It's no Framus or anything, but I'll put it this way. I've heard a lot of people make supposedly "better" pedals *Cough*OCD*Cough* sound worse than this thing.
wow what did u expect from a pedal called metalcore?? the metal zone is enough fuzzy as it is..this one is just a metalzone that goes to 11.
Of course, it's a boss distortion. What do you expect? Sell it and buy yourself a better pedal for metal

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Haha the good ole grunge pedal

Im really surprised more metal guys dont go for that thing, it's a GREAT metal box.
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On-topic, return it or sell it. I've heard the EH Metal Muff is good.

What kind of amp do you have, anyhoo?
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on your amp, turn down treble and bass, turn up your mids. That will give you more control over you sound just using the pedal.

if that doesnt work, Just return it.