No Hard Feelings band myspace.

so far we are a reggae/clasic rock band and this is just one song that patrick wrote the guitarist/vocalist and garret played the bass so i wasent playing in the recording but this is the bands myspace and theres a song called oh no on there. I just posted this to obviously promote our band and to hear what you guys think on the song so tell us what you think. and please.... if your specificly a deathmetal band or like grindcore or something else in that area then dont say this sucks just because its not your type of music, that just gets old.
seriously, how many songs have you heard those exact same notes in? Its the kinda thing you hear in move soundtracks if you take out the lyrics. neg
Too much of cliche for my taste.
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thanks and about the chord thing... allthough music should be creative and original that dosent mean you cant use a common chord progresion and perhaps a comonly played scale and not come up with something difrent or unique, im not saying that this song is difrent or unique but i enjoy lisetening to it so i thought other people might.