Many of the notes may only make reference that i understand (for my singer), so if they don't make sense thats why.

under fire...
mocking blows...
society's laws...
human loathe...

gepetto's got his grip on my wings
grabbed the fuer and the mansons' grins

(kind of a crimson-ghost snap)

play of his little games
spread across fields of flame
a dollar bill wrapped in soil
inovations for tomorrows oil
lame immitations for blood and toil

swift now, the Enola Gay
time now, time to spoil
ready, yes, ready
ready for the foil

(drop tempo)
(into a kind of "rally round the family" riff)
light the fire
flick the switch
now close your eyes
you aren't responsible for this

tame the mind
hit, after hit
shut your mouth!
bit, by bit

fire on fire - grain on grain
self tortured
the corrupt grow insane!
(to add in their brainchild's game)

resistance is futile
darkness so cruel
persuading fire's desire
Fat Man can't conspire
like conquering mist
sit down now, open the fist


stop signs a-lit all around you
all march to the beat
the pulse that fuses the silent street
not one sound rains from these fools
until comes the stomp of our feet

(rally round the family riff, without concurrence with the lyrics and then
breaks off just a bit before the bass piece)
bolshevik tea-partys
maddness firing on parade
injected antiserum of control
blanketing neurotoxins of the hour
broadband messanger ecsapies
(up untill this point lyrics pretty much go into chaos)raid the network - shut down the power

(bridge [heavy{bass(RAGEish)}])

ride along the Enola Gay
Take the fall just not today
remember, remember: we are the ones to blame
crashings of the plain (not "plane") pulled down the drain

! (guitar solo-fairly long and then bridge before lyrics resurface)

field-neckties pour gasoline on fields of clover
every generation screams for the world over
the ground is blown from your cover
stiff and sober as you're pulled over

(mid-range guitar bend)

we wont disappear into the depths of the night!
we won't go quitely!
not without a fight!
if anyone wants a hardcore/punk/metal/dark or non-red,black,& white band logo pm me