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$300-$400 guitar, $500-$700 practice tube amp
10 67%
$500-$700 guitar, $300-$400 practice tube amp
5 33%
Voters: 15.
Alright so here's the story. I have $400 in my bank account and I plan on going to guitar center and spending it soon. If I buy a guitar, the $700 my parents spend for Christmas is going towards an amp. I currently have a Squier Strat, a Frontman 15W crap amp, and an RP350 multi-effects pedal. I need something at least of 10W. I'm thinking of getting a tube amp, maybe, a palomino V16 15W. Keep in mind I ONLY practice. No gigging, no (maybe sometime) jamming, no nothing.

So to my MAIN point.

Should I get a guitar worth around $400 (I'm thinking a Ibanez RG3EXQM1) Then get an expensive amp for christmas?

Should I buy a cheap practice amp now then get a nice guitar for christmas?

Should I save up and just buy an awesome amp?

Please specify any options available.

*EDIT* I play mainly rock, classic rock, hard rock, metal, and jazz. I would like an amp that dosen't crackle if I don't use a sound gate with distortion.
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I edited it. What about an Epiphone Blues Custom? It can switch from 30W to 15W which I think is really cool.
You can get a good mid-range guitar for $400, especially if you buy an Agile. You won't get too great a mid-range amp for $400. I say let them get the amp, and you buy a guitar.

Here is a nice Rondo Agile-3000 for $370.
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don't put a price range on both. look for an amp that you really like, first, regardless of whether it costs you $300 or $1000. then spend/save any leftover money for a new guitar.
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don't put a price range on both. look for an amp that you really like, first, regardless of whether it costs you $300 or $1000. then spend/save any leftover money for a new guitar.

Then any suggestions for a practice amp that would cost that price?

Is the Epiphone Blues Custom worth looking into?
well there're so many amps out there, each with unique tones, that it'd be really hard to tell you what to look into. a jcm is going to sound different from a mark, a palomino is going to sound different from a tiny terror. i've never played a blues custom, so i can't really say. my best advice is to go into as many different guitar stores as you can, and just plug in and try different amps out. try marshalls, mesas, fenders, oranges, peaveys, and anything else you can get your hands on. there are a lot of amps out there that'll play the genres you listed, but they'll each sound different.

i'd say look into the palominos, orange tiny terror (sounds great...i actually might get one for recording), peavey classic 30...none will get you into metal territory without an od, though, but you'll be hard-pressed to find an amp that can do metal and classic rock and jazz. used mesa mark iv or iii perhaps?
Seems like the V16 might be for you, I played the V32 once and liked it. I say go try it out along with some other stuff. Had nice cleans and with a pedal it should get you into the heavier stuff I suppose.

As for which to get first, that depends on you. Looks like you'll get both eventually, however I will say spend more on the amp. A good amp is very important to your sound.
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