Yes, if it's 1/4" input.

I found that guitar -> pre-amp (Line6 Pod or equivilent) -> Karaoke 1/4" input works nice when you get the right input balance.

Long term use of a stereo as an amp will probably damage the speaker cones. It's an okay temporary solution when you don't have an amp and you're desperate.
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yeah, just no distortion...but...dude...it sounds pretty pwnin
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thats what i did when i first started playing as i didnt have an amp, as soon as i got my first little amp (****ey wee soundking, i didnt know a thing about amps or guitars at that point) i realised that kareoke machines r pants
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Yeah I did it at my friends house. It works fine.
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i did it for about 3 months, sounded like **** so bad but it worked
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