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Guitar Center
7 64%
4 36%
Voters: 11.
My Ovation has a fret buzz... I just bought it in july from GC. My guitar class teacher recommended taking it back and having them set it up under warranty. They didn't set it up when i bought it.

So, my question:
Should i take it back to guitar center for free, or take it to a pro and have to pay to fix it?
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My local GC doesn't even do setups in-house. They refer everything to a place a few doors down. Don't be surprised if your GC refuse to do it for free. I don't think a setup is a warranty-related issue. Wouldn't hurt to try, though.
Man I have heard some scary stories from a few GC, I'm not sure I'd let them touch my guitar, lol.
well since it looks as if you have the warrant with GC then take it to GC
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What model is it? how much did you buy it for?

If guitar center will do it for free, then have them do it. My guess is unless you bought a performance guarantee, then the warranty has nothing to do with them. If you didnt buy a P.G, then you will probably have to ship it to Ovation, which may or may not cost you less than just taking it to a local guy.

Is the fret buzz just on one string? you might even try adjusting it yourself
The model is CS 347
I got it for half price at 400$

The fret buzz is all strings, around the 12-15th frets

Guitar teacher said the neck needed to be adjusted
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