this appears to be a stock guitar (could just be really well done) im not sure.
from the appearance, knobs, TOM and stop bar it looks to be some kind of gibson. appears to be sort of older too.
any info on it? or did someone just add that and make it look very professional
That has to be freaking custom made...
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That has to be freaking custom made...

well didnt Gibson make some guitars with Moog in the late 70's early 80's?
It looks like a modded Gibson Les Paul '59.
Words to live by: Haters gonna' hate.
wow "whirlwind". That sounds awesome.

I hope that the electronics can still work after all these years.

I'd love to hear "whirlwind"

Didn't Rolan make a synth guitar in the 80's based on a les paul too?
i have seen the pieces where you can mod what is essentially an FX pedal into your guitar, but that was jsut like a nob with two settings. this, though, is like freaking over kill and freaking awesome. if you can try that guitar do so, if you can buy it, even better. lol buy it then post a video on youtube
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