So i currently have this guitar.

And i'm thinking about moving up to an Epi Les Paul Standard. Good Idea/bad idea?

The Ibanez is a metal-y guitar and I'm looking for a punk rock guitar. Ideas/suggestions on a punk guitar?
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i reckon the epi standard
i have one and i love it
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Wow...I can't believe no one thought of that, I actually have lost 5% of my confidence for not thinking of that, I bow to you

well, make sure u try them all out and NEVER order them online as u might end up with a lemon that costs 99cents.........here's an example in my experince:
I went to a certain guitar shop 2 try out some les pauls,i tryed a standard plus first and it sounded rather muddy and crappy,thus loosing hope in epi's sound quality.Having extra time, i decided 2 try a standard and it sounded way better than the plus, on the same roland cube 30x....later i went to another shop,i tryed a custom,which sounded great too.Out of bordem, i picked out the standard plus from that shop and i was amazed that it sounded way better than the other one at the other shop.

Conculsion:Soome epis are made better than others despite being the same model so cherry pick the best.
yeah man, get yourself an Epi LP but get a new pickup in it, i did it with mine, now it sounds sweeeet. got a gibson 490T and the shop i ordered from put it in free
the tuner for my G string is very inconsistent though thats all the complaints
Yes the quality from one epi to another can vary alot. Pickups can be fixed, but a fret board cant. Thats where most of the problems from the ones I see come from. If you sight down it and the fret board is wavy or the the fret ends zig zag look at another one. It should be nice and straight with no bumps or dips. There should be if set properly a slight bow in the middle. Being left handed i dont get much choice in guitars. I had to mail order my epi standard. But I have the ability and tools to put new frets in a guitar and level the fret board. Im afraid you will find it is much the same with many guitars now. Quality is a word that has lost most of its meaning.
Play the Epiphone Les Paul before you buy it, I have a guitar that's very similar in appearance to yours (1 Volume Knob, 1 Tone Knob, 5 Way Bridge Switch, SSH Pickups, Rosewood fret-board, bolt on neck) and, if they're similar , have very smooth easy to play necks. I found the Epiphone Les Paul neck difficult on my thumb; I couldn't slide down the frets so easy and it was irritating.

Looks like we're somewhat in the same boat, I liked the Fender Telecaster and the Ibanez SZ320 when I played them.