The ashtray is filled with blank pages of lies.
The bottle is filled with blue breathless sighs.
Maybe I'm not the man made out of your words.
Not in the young heart; them in my head . . . it hurts.

The nicotine claw, the grain alcohol gun.
Nothing to help me, it's all . . . four for won.

The desert of oak is hard, barren, and dry,
except for the ink; black pools and tears I cry.
My footsteps still stir, though I'll try sitting down.
To hear a snake come keep an eye toward the ground.

I thought this would help until my next month's sun.
You've already left, it's all . . . three for won.

Give up your mouth and throw aside your ears.
Keep them for later to subdue your soft fears.
It's safe and secure; a simplistic disguise.
It's easy to watch with one-way mirror eyes.

In our lonesome game, there's rules against fun.
Don't roll those green dice, it's all . . . two for won.

My lovely white ghost, none in the cold hollow.
Empty glowing lines, so damn hard to swallow.
The best song I've heard was nothing you could sing.
There was no music for you that I could bring.

With your best ideal, from our night you run.
Hope that is won't stop, it's all . . . one for won.

No book is so closed that it can't open doors,
and their world is not as sheltered as yours.
An easy escape lies inside of your soul.
Isn't it okay to leave your body now?

I couldn't be born knowing you were young.
You'd grow old faster, and I'd be all done.
Sincerely, Chad.
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