I just ordered a zakk wylde pickup set for $200 (emg 81/85)

i play metal, and some nirvana/offspring stuff too in my band

my guitar is a esp ltd 200-fm

will i notice an awesome, huge difference? or not alot?
ive been playing for a bout 1 1/2 years, but i never played emg active pickups, but many, many people recomended them to me, and i love the way they sound on videos and such, but i sadly never played them before, thx for the help
digitech death metal for sale, $35, marshal mg100hdfx=$250 obo
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its Zakk Wylde...
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Yes. You will notice a difference. More HEAR than FEEL.

The pickups push the preamp harder and increase the amount of distortion. They will increase the sustain of your guitar aswell.
ya about the "jakk" spelling mistake, it was a mistake and i fixed it
digitech death metal for sale, $35, marshal mg100hdfx=$250 obo
Well it also depends what kind of amp you have - some of them may cause your EMG's sound worse than the stock ESP pickups...
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^ yeah, exactly. what amp are you running the set through? and the zw set is just an extra $11 worth of zakk wylde paraphernalia.
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