Hello freinds,
Im looking for a high gain tube amp to look into due to the fact that christmas is coming up. I already have a good tube amp for clean tones so if it has the worst clean tone ever it dosent really matter to me. I dont gig as of right now, so the lower the wattage the better. The heaviest i go would be in Slayer-ish territory. Im willing to look into heads and cabs if nessisary but a combo would work best. And of course, cheaper is always better . I dont know if such a amp exists, but hopefully there is. The reason im looking for this type of amp is becuase my metal muff isent cutting it. Dont get me wrong it works for now, but the feeling of massive tube distortion is just to good to let go . The most i could spend is probobly in the $750 range, mabey a bit higher. Thank you for your time.
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used 5150 combo would be a very good choice. Espeically seeing you have a amp for cleans