What an amazing experience. By far the most intense amp in term of gain and saturation I have ever played. The Most gain I have EVER Heard. INSANE amounts of Gain. It was all usuable gain too.

I would say more than the Engl Savage. Dont know about Framus cobra or Diezal Herbert though. Havent played those amps..

I played it with a Marshall 1960AV slant cab and a Mesa Oversized 4x12. It sounded best with the marshall cab. The amp is a bit dark to begin with so the boogie cab added to much low end. I really got to crank it too. I went to about 3/4 on the master volume with the channel volume Dimed.

$2799.99 price tag though. : (.
I have been told that they are not the most reliable amps and that they break down alot. Figures with a botique amp like that.

Just thought I'd Share....
^ i....hate.....you.....so....much


Man i wanna play one so bad. What would you say they sound similar too?

I've heard they're a mix of a mesa rec. and a 6505...
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Think more like 5150 style saturation with JCM800 style voicing with Mesa Rect Punch.......... all times 10

No Joke ; )
and yet your username is 10 months old..

it's a great amp, though. i don't own one but have played several. i wish i owned one. or two. or 19208123.
seems pretty dang cool, cool amps too, i want a krank...... just to see what it would sound like with a midrange curve
I've played one...Its killer. I played it through a Bogner 4X12, but I can't remember if it was the Uberkab. The Framus is a bit....drier/less saturated than the bogner. I wouldn't really compare it to a 5150 OR a Dual Rec--First, in my opinion it stomps on both, but as for a tonal comparison, the 5150 and Rec are a god deal muddier than the Bogner. I've seen them new for $2600 before though, you just have to look around. I don't know why you stated that Boutique amps break down a lot. That I disagree with a lot. While some Bogners have been known to be unreliable, its more of that a handful of them are NOT reliable as opposed to most being relatively unreliable. Most of them are pretty solid from what I know. Many handmade amps are Just as reliable as mass production amps, and are often backed up by better warranties and customer service as well.
haven't played the uberschall, but the shiva and xtc are sweet. Pretty steep pricing in the UK, though- it'd definitely be worth considering if I could figure out some way to get one from the US.
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