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whats with all the criss angel threads?

idk but i just saw that video i thought he was being a ****ing hypocrite
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Criss owned him.

Criss > Jim Callahan.

criss does his tricks by computer and pays the audience
"There's Jimmy Page, the greatest thief of American black music who ever walked the earth."
-Homer Simpson
Sorry but I thought the magic act was pretty out of this world and didn't really deserve a great response.

But Criss did act like a douche.
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I like David Blaine better than both he doesn't try to bull**** you with the paranormal he just tries to freak you out with cool tricks, and has you try to figure out how to do them.
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I think that Criss is right. Jim's trick wasn't good at all and Criss showed that right to him.
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Jim sucks at acting.
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Criss Angel= Sexyyyy ^___^
He reminds me of Anthony Kiedis... But I think its just the body, and slightly similar face shape... Or I'm just a idiot.
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Criss was right though...The show was a competition of how good of an illusionist you are...Not that you can get the audience to believe bull****.

The point is to have the audience wondering how you did something, not trying to get them to believe something you can't prove.

And how the **** is Criss a hypocrite? Just because he shows the definition of what he calls himself? Does that mean Red Hot Chili Peppers are hypocrites, 'cause they're not really chili peppers? He's never claimed to be supernatural, like this guy did.
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criss angel had a good point
tell him whats in the fk envelope bitch!
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that was just a bad act period. Its pretty sad people like that actually get millions of dollars for being a fraud.

on the other hand, criss angel was kinda right. but hes a bigot.
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I saw the video adn think that Criss Angel calling this out is garbage because there is literally nothing different between what Callahan did and the pseudo dramatic, bad acting that Angel does to increase the tension and believability of his lame @ss stunts.

Edit: In watching the whole thing to the end I believe that it was all staged as part of an effort to create some publicity for the dumb show. Angel was recently on Larry King and this might be part of the whole advertising scheme for the show he is on and his mindfreak, whatever the fvck that is, show.
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I didn't even wath the video, but in my opinion criss angel is a full-blown douche-cadet. I greatly dislike him.
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I didn't even wath the video, but in my opinion criss angel is a full-blown douche-cadet. I greatly dislike him.

I lol'd.

this Jim callahan guy is retarded and fails at even it look the slighest bit real.

"hey look at me guys im having a seizure in a chair HAHA LOOK IM WRITING THINGS NOW oh its over. im out of breath. but wait i still have the energy to start a minute long rant about how criss angel is fake."

Criss angel is gay too.

So is david blaine.
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You guys are morons.
Criss angel might come across as a douche, but he has never claimed he had supernatural powers.

This is from wiki:
Criss Angel Mindfreak is a show distributed by A&E Network. It debuted in 2005, and centers on unusual stunts and street magic acts by illusionist Criss Angel. In response to how he does his stunts, he has only declared not to have any paranormal powers, saying: "I do not believe that anybody has the ability to do anything that's supernatural."
Theyre all frauds anyways. Especially Geller.
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Theyre all frauds anyways. Especially Geller.

Which is why Criss called him out at the same time as Callahan. Criss didn't do anything wrong there, in fact he did what was right. The guy was claiming to be a medium and the ability to channel a dead person. That is complete and utter bull****. Criss has NEVER claimed he is anything other than an artist.

Criss does illusions and tests of the body and mind... He doesn't pretend to channel dead people to help him. He called him out, he called Geller out... Before the show even started Criss told all the contestants, "You try and tell the audience you have some supernatural ability, or that it isn't an act and you are really doing the supernatural, I will bust your ass on national television."
That is all bull about Criss busting someone's butt on national televsion for pretending to be a meduim, why? Because they very likelyplay a role in selecting the people who are appearing on the show. You select them and then bad mouth them after the fact. That is a cheap and no class thing to do. They know exactly what these contestants act, routine, stchick, or whatever it is you want to call it, is when they are selected to appear before hand. We saw the long intro clip of Callahan and knew, as Angel, Geller and the producers of hte show must have, what Callahans act was about. Either Angel and the producers are totally retarded or they knew the score before hand and used Callahna to create buzz, whether or not Callahan was in on it is disputable. My guess; he was in on it.
The hosts actually have NOTHING to do with selecting the contestants. Yes, he knew what the guy's act was. But guess what, guy doesn't need to say he can talk to the dead.
All males hate him, but haven't met a female yet who would
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All males hate him, but haven't met a female yet who would

Then you didn't see the episode where he was in a straight jacket in a prison... Lmao...

Let's just say it ended with one of his assistants saying, "I never believed you when you said you were Houdini with a little weenie." Hahahahaha
I think Criss Angel was right to call him out like that, but I think he went a little too far and made him self look like a prick.
I'm totally on Criss Angel's side in this. He, for one, has never claimed to be anything more than an entertainer. Anyone who claims to actually be able to converse with the dead deserves to be called out. How do you think "Raymond's" family feels about their deceased family member being used as a prop in a magic trick?
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Criss did the right thing, the paranormal is bull**** to be blunt.

I wish more sceptics would call out "psychics" in such a way to expose them...unfortunately James Randi, as awesome as he is, can't keep going forever.
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this is the biggest pile of crap i've seen since that little bit in jurassic parkwhere you see dino crap everywhere...
Well, that whole thing was pretty cheesy, to be honest.

"Gahhh! Ugh!" *squirms in chair* "Ahh!!" *scribbles down letters*
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That was the funniest thing I've ever seen
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I think Criss Angel was right to call him out like that, but I think he went a little too far and made him self look like a prick.

That seems to sum up the situation.