ok when i baught my head the guy told me that the foot switch for changing the channels was broken so i baught a new one. The thing is when i baught a new one they only had the one without the led. would it be possible to just buy a resistor and led and swop teh front pannel of the pedal?

does anyone know where i can buy the resistor and an identical led

also are there any wiring diagrams?

i can do basic soldering

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It wouldn't be too hard to do, but you'd need a new switch as well as the resistor and LED, and a bezel for the LED wouldn't hurt, either. You'd also need a 9v battery to power the LED.
You'd just have to drill a hole in the front panel of the footswitch to fit the LED and bezel, replace the switch (if the one in footswitch is DPDT, you'll need a 3PDT, or if it's a SPST, you'll need a DPDT ), re-wire the switch the same way it was before, only with the LED wired up to the switch to break the circuit from the battery -> resistor -> LED when you want it off, and complete the circuit when you want it on. I can throw together a wiring diargram in a few minutes if you need me to.
You can find any of the parts you need at radioshack, or if you want somewhere online, www.mouser.com and www.pedalpartsplus.com both supply all the stuff you'll need.
It may just be more worth it to return the footswitch with no LED and buy the one that has an LED.