Okay, so, I was doing a little reconnaissance with my guitar, having a look inside it in preperation for a customizing job in a month or so, just so I can plan out what I need.

After taking the usual steps of removing the pickguard, and the backplate, I decided to remove my bridge, something I've never done before.

Problem is, now I can't get it back on.

The guitar is a Cort Strat-copy, the bridge is just a stock-standard tremolo bridge.

My question is, how do I reattach the springs from the bridge itself to the other end?

I tried using plyers to just pull it into place and slip it in, but I'm either not strong enough, or doing it wrong.
aha, this happened to me when i wanted to put another spring in the back of my squier strat.

after having the spring fly across the room 8 times, nearly blasting my eye out and gaining a huge scratch on the back of my guitar, i managed to grab hold of the end of the spring with some pliers and somehow managed to stretch it to the bridge and hook it in.

i can't really think of an easier way at the moment.
Yeah, when I took it off, the flying springs missed my Les Paul by about three inches. Next time I'll point it at the floor.

Would heating the spring make it easier to stretch? Anyone know?
i don't know if heating them would make much of a difference unless it was like by a few hundred degrees or something. you could try unscrewing those 2 screws that hold the back plate in a bit but not so they come out lol.
Okay, so, with some help from a buddy, I can put two of the springs back in, which is how it was in the first place.

I've heard though, that having three springs changes the sound a bit. Problem is, when I try to stick the third spring into the center position (normally the other two springs are on either side of the center position) it just comes straight out, it doesn't sit in there normally.

Does anyone have three springs in their bridge? Could you take a photo so I can see how you have it?
I had this problem when i refinished my strat. I just unscrewed the 2 screws where the springs attach almost all the way, that way the springs are bairily tense. Then just screw em in... if your refinishing your body then you would have to remoove that piece anyway.