I don't know if anyone here loves drone as much as I do. I don't care XD!

I've been listening to Sunn O))) so much recently, they're a fabulous band and prove you can create beautiful atmospheres and bleak soundscapes without fretboard w*nkery.

I'm addicted.

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cant find their music anywhere
do they have a myspace?
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I've heard of these guys a long time ago and couldn't find anything until that video you posted. And I think I heard 1 note... or maybe just a lot of feedback, I really couldn't tell.

Not to be hatin' on my fellow metalheads but i guess i just don't get it...
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Yeah, they have a myspazz.

Most metallers don't like it. I think it's more of a thing for people into harsh noise, dark ambient, (maybe) depressive black metal etc.

Apparently seeing them live is beyond amazing, I really hope I get the oppertunity to do so one day, they've inspired me alot.
I personally find most drone really boring and this didn't really change my mind

I guess I just don't get it either
I guess I don't get it either. Though I found that Bong-Ra and Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble drone project (Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation) quite interesting.

Btw, I'm sure there's at least one sizeable thread on them in the Metal forum.
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Go to myspace click on music and type there name in, you'll find several spaces.

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I think theyre okay.

Not great. just okay

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I like it alot, but I prefer synth based music in a similar style, although fairplay Sunn do make some creepy stuff!
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^ wut he said

I really like them aswell. It was hard at first, but i just think of it more as like sound scapes so to say and ever since i've loved it. I've always wanted to see them, i heard their shows are really intense.
I would LOVE to see them live.

Apparently it's so loud and low you can feel it in your bones, amazing. My boyfriend saw them live, bastard!
"Black 1" is a good album. Can't listen to these guys longer than 45 minutes or so straight though.