Last thread was about me getting a new guitar as well, but after thinking over, I think it'd be better if I got a hollow or semi-hollow. This guitar will be used mainly for blues and rock, nothing too hard, probably around Zeppelin-ish and such. I expect my budget to be around $500, $600 is stretching it.

I have a few guitars in mind and would like your opinion. And for your opinion, I think it'd be better if you actually had a reason, no "Guitar A rules, DEFINITELY GET IT!". I will be running it through a Crate Palomino 30W.

Ibanez Artcore AFS75T (Thinking about this one. How good's the tremolo?)

Ibanez AF95 (Thinking about this one.)

Dean Palomino (Curious about this.)

Epiphone Dot (Heard good things about it.)

Epiphone ES-175 (Curious about it.)
the dean has p-90's which is good but i would trust an ibanez more.
i say the epiphone dot. epiphone just rocks on this budget, most of the ones ive tried have been spectacular, sustain sustain, you may want to buy some authentic gibson pups though, these ones were based off the 57 classic and classic plus, and i think the actual version sounds a bit richer to my ears. anyways, epiphone has a much better tone and i dont like the 175, so get the 335
I have the Artcore AS which is essentially the same guitar(hollowbody same pickups) I run it through the same amp you would and I am in love with it. I'd say any of the first three choices there should do you just fine.
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i have an Ibanez Artcore AFS78T very similar to both Artcores but if i were you i'd get the AFS75T because firstly the pickups in it are very good, tuning keys are spot on when you tune and very easy to turn, the vibrato is a must when you play a little AC/DC, and you get a great clean sound on any amp you play it on, and its fully hollow and it gives you a good and deep tone to your sound, only con on this guitar is getting it intoned because of the bridge, but once you get that, its really good.

So thats why i recommend that guitar. good luck with the buy