Can I get a setlist for the tour they're on right now?
I'm trying to figure out whether or not I want to see them.
If it's 75% Maniuplator, then **** that.
I searched and couldn't find the Fall of Troy thread if there is one.
Steel instruments shine in
A lively light of green substance
Dead or alive
Bodies and souls are waiting for the contact with these macabre tools
They are only creations made alive
Go see them regardless of what they are playing. You won't be disappointed. Manipulator is actually alot better than what I originally thought. I hated it at first then I gave it another chance like 2 months later and it's awesome too.
I saw them before Manipulator was in the works so they played about half their set of Doppleganger and some Ghostship demos and some off their first cd. It was all mixed in together. They also did some unknown almost improve style stuff.
i wasn't sure on the manipulator stuff, but it comes into its own live trust me
go and see them, you won't regret it trust.
when i saw them in september they played stuff from everything they've released
ghostship, the self titled release, doppleganger and manipulator
so its not gonna be just the manipulator stuff

and at they played the first to verse to 'okay, i believe you buy my tommy gun don't' (brand new if you didn't know) before going into semi fiction
a moment of pure genius