Poll: Does rinking alone maker you an alky?
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View poll results: Does rinking alone maker you an alky?
2 25%
6 75%
wtf you on, sexyaxe>?
0 0%
Voters: 8.
Does Deroingking Alone make you an alcosholic?

yea. my girlfisenfd saiys it does , but to a point ,See...I didnt drink alone, but my rfriend just left, so Im drunk and alone. Im not an akllky, am I?
no,licking the vodka up u spilled on the dirty floor when u were piss drunk since 7am and now its 12pm makes u an alcoholic

edit: sucking dick for a beer would qualify you as an alcoholic too

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only if you do it all the time, drinking alone every once in awhile doesn't make you an alcoholic (unless you drink all of the time anyways but are usually around other people) Alcoholism means that you can't control your drinking, whether or not you drink alone has no bearing on that (although alcoholics by their nature are more likely to drink alone)
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Nope, I drink alone all the time. But not to the point that I'd be totally wasted. I've come to the conclusion that small amounts of alcohol enhance my coding-ability.