there's a fender strat in a guitar shop near me (i'm in australia) and i don't know what model or anything it is. I've never seen anything like it before.

it's neck thru, black with a cream body binding, carved top, 2 humbuckers, a 2 point tremolo that's kind of in-between a floyd and a standard fender bridge, and it has 24 frets. the headstock is painted black too.

anyone got an idea of what it is?
It could be a Floyd Rose guitar.

Did it look like this?

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i'm sorry man... jesus. we never called u a retard okay?

I've never heard of Fender making a guitar with neck through, carved top, two humbuckers, fatter two point tremolo, and 24 frets... maybe the heavy metal strats, but it sounded too much like a carvin would sound like...
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[quote="'jamie[wls"]']It's a fender, i'm not a retard.

I was gonna help you, but after you said that I'm less inclined.
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Sounds very similar to the Fender Aerodyne Strat, but that model only has 22 frets and a bolt on neck.
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Fender Showmaster? ( I know this is a Squier)

Fender Highway One Showmaster (in Black...)

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Fender Showmaster? ( I know this is a Squier)

Fender Highway One Showmaster (in Black...)

wow, doesn't suit fender
Fender Blackout Version of the Shomaster. If it's not this, then it must be rare or custom of some sort.
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wow, doesn't suit fender

Nope... and those guitars aren't their best quality ones
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