Hi everyone,

It is so frustrating that there are never any guitar tablature posted on any website for Love/Hate! Only a bass tab for the song Blackout in the Redroom.

The first two Love/Hate albums (Blackout in the Redroom and Wasted in America) are absolute class (admittedly the later albums are mediocre).

I would love to be able to learn Jon E. Love's guitar riffs from these two albums. They don't seem difficult, but they sound amazing. I haven't been playing the guitar long enough to learn how to play be ear, so I am relying on you guys to help me out.

The songs that blow me away are:-

Blackout in the Redroom;
Why Do You Think They Call it Dope?;
Fuel to Run;
One More Round;
She's an Angel;
Mary Jane;
Slutsy Tipsy;
Slave Girl;
Hell, Ca., Pop. 4;
Wasted in America;
Miss America;
Yucca Man;
Time's Up;
Don't F**k With Me;
Social Sidewinder;
Evil Twin.

The 2 must have tabs are She's An Angel & Tranquiliser.

Please guys, listen to these songs and start posting the tabs!


Darin, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.