Hi! C4c right?

Wow! The intro blew my socks off really well done, super tone and great recording quality too! It really makes you sound professional.. And the vocals are great, especially the backing voice makes it a lot more professional too

Very very nice! I dont really have any negative comments or remarks.. Just keep up the great work recording stuff like this

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well produced, and quite catchy as well. you have a good voice, not my style, and the harmonies were very nice. it seems as if sometimes you are forcing it too much, but not very noticeable. very nice structure throughout the song. i like all the little breaks, and the drums were well written, add well to the dynamics. i like the bass as well. the guitar tone was rather unique as well, had a synthesizer type tone to it, the effects were pretty cool too, reminded me of techno a bit ;-) overall, pretty cool song, even though i dont like this style, i liked this song!

thanks for the crit as well :-D
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

nice writing. very catchy intro. tone was pretty good, but i thought it could have had more bite. vocals were good, although i don't really like the tone of them. i like the chorus quite alot. harmonies were good, but seemed to come in rather unexpectedly. they could be smoother.

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well done. nice vocals. the backing vocals sound like a different person altogether! i wish i could sing like that. well written song. the guitar is amazing- well most of it is really!
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That is a good song.
Did you record that at home?
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The intro reminds me of something that should be on Burnout.
It's verrrrry American pop punk/soft rock init?
It's professionally done in terms of recording, but it's not very imaginative. Just plods on inoffensively with some counter-Beyonce lyrical ideas.
The vocal melody is well done, like the way the backing vocals come in.
You could probably get this soundtracking a corny romance film, but it's bland overall. Originality is what it needs.
I love your work!!! Pity you took down The Things that I Believe...

Still, seems like a bit of a departure from your usual. It's still great, can't believe you get this quality from a laptop...love the vocals (both backing and lead...is that also you doing backing???), hook filled, sweet tone from the guitar...

Once again, another great pop-rock track!

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The intro reminds me of something that should be on Burnout.
It's verrrrry American pop punk/soft rock init?
It's professionally done in terms of recording, but it's not very imaginative. Just plods on inoffensively with some counter-Beyonce lyrical ideas.
The vocal melody is well done, like the way the backing vocals come in.
You could probably get this soundtracking a corny romance film, but it's bland overall. Originality is what it needs.

I can take criticism but I don't think it's unimaginitive to the point of it detracting from the feel of the song. I think there's some pretty interesting application of harmony in it, being that I only imply one normal triad shape throughout the song. I think that making use of m7 and add9 chords in a pop/rock song is pretty unique/interesting. And I obviously wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel here, but I don't think it's a cookie cutter pop rock song either.

Haha, and about the Beyonce thing, I did not write this song with that song in mind, hahaha. My girlfriend pointed out to me that they both have the same title after I wrote this song, fortunately the title is where the similarities end.

Oh yeah, and I'm remastering and rearranging and resinging The Things That I Believe now that I know I can do all those things better.
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The recording quality is well done and very impressive. The song is a typical pop rock song IMO and doesn't stand out to me, but it's still a good song. I like the lead guitar parts the best, has a nice sound and it's nothing too complex. I'm not a huge fan of the type of music but the recording really impresses me, mind giving more in depth detail of what you use? such as mics, programs, computer hardware etc.

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Really generic, as JCShark said. Nothing very distinctive. :-/
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It's good, the tone is not perfect in my opinion for the guitar its good just maybe too tinny and not compressed enough??, I do love the vocals though... I love when you come in, its like perfect, the rest of the vocals are good but not as good as that first part...

The drums are good too are they real?

(I think of beyonce when I listen to this... isn't that her song name, irreplaceable... )

Good job though... crit mine its called You I loved you
dude this is really good. I could definitely see it being played on the radio a lot. I love the guitar tone. The solo fits the music very well. Great vocals.

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Dude This was really sweet. The vocals were top notch 9/10 I especially enjoyed the harmony parts that kicked every now and again. The guitar riffs were really catchy. THe mixing was really good and I see that you did all the instrument yourself trust me when I say I know how hard that is. Your song kicks ass man!! Keep it up. Crit mine please in my sig.
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This is excellent. This is something I could listen to regularly. Mixing is great. The arrangement of the song is nice as well. The only think I could crit you is the bass, the tone seems kind of empty, but it still works. Good job!
I don't have any real special or expensive equipment that I use. I use the built in microphone on my laptop for the vocals, which is awesome, people are always shocked when I tell them that. And I use a straight to USB guitar input for all the guitar parts, usually. And the drums are not real, I played them live on my MIDI keyboard.

Thanks for all the comments guys!

listening now...the intro riffs remind me of coheed and cambria's- feathers, which is awesome cause thats a great song. Very poppy, lyrics are obviously for some body whos in love. Your voice is good. You use the harmonies very nicely. I think you went a little over the top with the fully produced rock song. It is a good sounding recording. But i wouldnt go with fully produced haha. But all in all man pretty good. Not my style whatsoever. But i think it does take talent to make very straight forward pop rock

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And now i cant get back again....
I just meant fully produced as in as full as its going to get, haha.

Like, meaning that I'm done with it.
Haha, dood, no need to feel bad. And I know the lyrics weren't anything groundbreaking, they're just exactly how I feel about how I'm scared to go onto college because my girlfriend and I will be far apart. There purposefully simple because the relationship we have is such an innocent love, it wouldn't do justice to the emotion I'm trying to portray if I went all cryptic and poetic with the lyrics.

One thing I'll say about your song is that it didn't make me feel anything, I didn't understand the emotion you were trying to portray because your chord progression was so weird and spastic and the lyrics were nothing I could relate to.


That's not bad! It's just more personal to you, you wrote that song with the intent of it being completely personal to you, I wrote this song with the intent of a universal understanding of the emotion I'm trying to portray. Neither is right nor wrong! I'm sure somebody who's more familiar than me with what you're trying to portray would certainly feel something, just as I'm sure that somebody more familiar with my subject would feel what I'm trying to say.

And I'll begin catching up on my crit backs once I'm done with my homework.
Mannn, you got some good stuff. I think its pretty generic tho, nothing crazy good, i can imagine it being heard on disney radio along with the jonas brothers. But definitely not something you would put on guitar hero or consider unique or innovative. I mean yeah its really good, all of your songs, but its pretty much like every other pop songs. But then again, maybe im just jealous of your perfect tone and recording and awesome voice.

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Mate, this is good sh*t. The intro's awesome, and the way it chills after it is spot on.

Good dual guitars. You remind me of The Rocket Summer a bit, check him out if you don't know who he is. The bit at 1.24 with just drums, vox and bass is awesome, good touch. At about 3.50 when the guitar fades in and it's like a final chorus, the drums need to have a LOT more symbols in because it builds up really well and then doesn't deliver properly.

Aside from that last point and the fact are the lyrics are a bit bland, this song is damn good
probably the best music i've heard off of UG so far. major kudos!
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Loved the Intro, great tone. Hard to believe you recorded that on a laptop, sounds amazing, almost professional. You have a good voice. Not really my style, but good. Overall I really liked the production and vocals, the song was very catchy .

Crit please?
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Listening now. The intro is rockin. Vox are pretty good. Where everything drops out and it's just bass and drums, the drums sound a little flat...Did you use 2 different snares for the verse and chorus? I like the background harmony vox, it adds a good thing to the mix. That little harmonized guitar riff at the end (and somewhere else in the song, I forget) is pretty cool. It adds a more pop feel to the song. Good job man.

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