I have an AC 30 and enjoy playing punk, rock and all that rock kinda stuff. In the not so distant future i might venture into metal and other stuff like jazz and stuff. So i was wondering what guitar you all recommend me for those genres. Basically I'm looking for a reliable, gig-worthy and versatile guitar. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I almost forgot - I currently own an Epiphone G-400 Custom, and i want something different
A Fender Stratocaster?May wanna tell ur budget and wats your amp?If moneys not a prob, get a gibson les paul-great 4 jazz n hard rock
Fender strat is always a safe bet, you can do alot with them, they are very versatile
Yeah I'm looking at a strat. Also I was wondering if and ibanez or even something with EMGs would be advisable/are good pieces of equipment.

As i said earlier i own an AC 30
I saw a lp which could change from humbucker to single coil. maybe?
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