And I have some when trying to barre, but mostly I can do it. Should I be worried about it, lower action or something?

It is a capo I got with the guitar (Yamaha F310P) but still....
"The end result - the music - is all that counts"
I find it easier to bar when I raise my index a bit higher, is that ok?
"The end result - the music - is all that counts"
I vote for crappy capo. Look into getting a SHUBB C1. I've found that their service is second to none. You break the capo? They'll fix it for free. You wear out the rubber sleeve? You can get one for a buck. One capo will last you a lifetime.

More importantly, how does the capo operate? Is there a brand name on it? I find that the clamp-style (Keyser, Dunlop, etc) have a big disadvantage to an adjusting capo, since they can't change pressure going up or down the neck.
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