I'm looking for a laptop to buy, as cheap as I can get but it must be capable of firewire inputs. Any ideas?

Also, is it possible to add firewire onto a laptop that only has USB? If so will this affect the latency and give me recording issues?


EDIT: If I buy a new laptop is it possible to downgrade it back to XP from Vista cause I hate Vista.

EDIT: Another question, with this set up how would I mix and master on the computer? :
Mac Mini with monitor + keyboard etc
http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/alesis-io-14/69020 and mics

Would I need special software? Does Audacity work on Macs? What do you recommend?
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What you could do is just get a decent PC laptop and buy a firewire card for it. Not sure on the latency issue because ive never tried it but that would probably be your cheapest solution
EDIT: As far as Mac goes im pretty sure all the newer ones come w/ Garage Band
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Almost every new laptop should come with firewire now adays so that shouldn't be a problem.
i just picked up some Acer laptops and they are only equipped wtih 2.0USB so no not all laptops have a firewire port....most desktops will though.

I suggest getting a good laptop as it will help a ton in the recording and get a card with firewire ports on it:


with the slower computers and this card you will have some latency issues for sure...
start with the best laptop you can get and you'll be much happier.