wtb: tremolo like this one

Not really concerned about quality. If it looks beat up, that's all the better as it's going on a Van Halen relic.

Anyway, has to be chrome and it has to have the one pivot point going straight across. Also can't have the large adjusters under the fine tuners. Here's some images of the design I need.

...yeah, thats a Floyd Rose. i have one ON my guitar, but i dont have one lying around. sorry. good luck.

edit: look on ebay, there are a lot of bridges and parts on there.
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Yeah, the bay was the first place I looked (and where I found those pics). They guy with the one above though is in Hong Kong. That was the only one I could find with the straight pivot. All the rest on evil bay have the cutout on both sides.
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best prices you can find

First place I checked. He only has the ones with the cutout.