I should have used the search bar, I know, but I am polite with a hint of sarcasm so I hope you can forgive me >_>;

I've never had to do this, but with my newest bass, my action is definately messed up. My strings feel incredibly loose and it's really bugging me, a constant click that I haven't heard since the days I first started playing. So I need to adjust my action, but I've no idea how and have no experience doing it. Is there perhaps a tutorial to doing this, or is it best to take it to a shop rather than learning and risking my precious neck?

Again, sorry for my laziness of not using the search bar. Much love to anyone who helps out.
Your best bet, would be to take this to the shop and have it set.
You could also prolly stay and watch them doing it, so next time when you want to adjust your action, youll know.

But, if you are into doing this yourself and not pay the shop, you could look for your bass guitar manual (which should come with the bass when you buy it), and there should be a section about the action and adjusting it.
I bought my bass used, so it has no manual unfortunately. :[
Well, sorry - you have to take it to the shop.
My guess is that if you bought it used you prolly dont have the tools to adjust the bridge when adjusting the action.