i've submitted 4 tabs, maybe 5. and all of them have been rejected when there is nothing wrong with them. they are 95-100% right and all 5 have been rejected.

anyone why this is happening?
Maybe there is in fact something wrong with them, I mean the way they were written, or maybe there was a problem with the tab files themselves. Sometimes they appear to be corrupted or something... Didn't they send you a comment on them, or a reason why they weren't accepted?
nope. there werent too many versions of it, i dont think. i mean ive seen songs with like 20-30+ versions.

also, i dont see how the file could have been corrupt, because i typed them in wordpad and copied/pasted them.
Wordpad? Then chances are, they were uneven. Try using notepad. The way it appears there is the way It'll appear on the site.
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I've had the exact same problem. I've typed mine in MS Word. One of the songs only had one other version (that was waaay off, to the point that it must have been a different version of the song), and the other song had two other versions, but they were missing some things.

I submitted the intro to Show Me, by John Legend, and the chords to After The Bombs, by The Decemberists
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it especially annoys me because there are some tabs that are submitted are crap, nothin right and ive even seen tabs where the strings were labelled backwards.
Make sure when you're typing then out in wordpad/Microsoft Word that the font is set to Courier New, or just Courier, that was when you copy and paste it on UG it will be formatted correctly.

But yeah, it would help if you named the songs you tabbed.

um... the full Bring Me To Life, full Call Me When You're Sober, full Broken, and the My Immoratal solo
There are already 11 versions of Bring Me To Life, 7 versions of Call Me When You're Sober, and 8 versions of My Immortal, all with a lot of votes and 4/5 stars.