i wanna upgrade my RP50 to a RP 250 or 200
but now all i really want is a good dist box and wah wah
shud i rather get like a DS2 and a wah pedal than a RP coz i like the analogue thing...it
more versitile and so on
what gud wah wahs are ther??
Dunlop 535Q
get a SD-2 instead of DS-2
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I have the RP350 and I love it. Tons of awesome distortion/od/fuzz settings. But if you strictly just want a dist and a wah pedal, get them seperatley instead.
the best wah wah is the Dunlop 535Q. very versatile and it's the only wah that handles distortion (that i've tried)
iv got a small laney practicing amp...i play mostly hard rock but i want a dist box and wah box that i could use for round warm dist tones and crunching dist aswell...the RP350 is too expensive for me