well, i noticed a while ago that the nut was off-center but i didn't care much...now i'm about to change strings and i kind of feel like changing my guitar as well

the nut is not exactly centered, and the strings do not go directly over the pole pieces on the pickups

i thought this might be fixed when i replace the nut, but i realized that it's not just the nut, it seems that the pickups are not lined up with each other

at the bridge pickup the low E is basically not over the pole piece at all, and at the neck pickup it's slightly off-center

i could be wrong but it seems unlikely that the pickups were designed to sit at different angles (LP copy), but this is the case when i place a straight edge along the side of one of them

i bought this guitar about 3 months ago, too late to get my money back...too poor to lose the money when trading it in...unless i buy an even cheaper guitar (which may have even more problems...hmm)

more complaints:

one of the frets has some very heavy scrapes on it, but i thought i had done that when bending (but 3 months later, none of the other frets are even close to that much wear) there's also some glue (from the frets?) on the fretboard

hmm...what else...

and yes, i bought it new
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Im afraid to tell you but not all companies quality standards are the same. The cheaper companies tend to rush things and dont really care if things are straight or set up right. Even some of the big name companies do it. My fender lefty squire had a right hand nut on it turned around backwards, cheaper and easier Im sure than the correct one. The nut isnt so hard to fix just gotta knock it loose and glue it down in the right place. The pickups will be a problem as they are routed into the body. LPs use rings to hold the pickups. They can be screwed down off center very easy. Moving them wouldnt be so easy. You would need to fill the old screw holes and put new ones in.
Sounds like a POS.

You might just need to find a job.

If you're too young to work, start mowing some lawns or baby sitting. I made several thousand bucks every summer when I was your age.

Mowed a lot of lawns and watched a lot of snot-nosed brats, though!
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well, a job will have to wait until summer because 3rd year engineering courses take up a lot of time/energy

...and i'm lazy

i thought that this guitar was going to be pretty solid, i did a lot of research online and it seemed like a good buy

i guess i ended up getting suckered in by online reviews

but yeah...maybe i'll get a schecter c-1 hellraiser FR or a jackson dk2 with my magic little credit card...and then i will HAVE to get a job

...but that's kind of what i did to get this guitar (used my student line of credit to buy it...haha oops)
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