Poll: What is your dream bass?
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12-String Bulls-Eye Bass
2 5%
Nice & Expensive Bass
32 78%
Bass Version of the Les Paul
4 10%
The Starter Pack!!!
3 7%
Voters: 41.
OK...So what bass would you buy, if money wasn't a factor...(if its not on the poll, name it)...

A bulls-eye paint job, just happens to be 12 strings...

Just your normal $5,499 bass...

A bass for guitar want-to-bes...the Les Paul bass...

I have few moneys...need the starter pack...

I think I would get the second one...

mine would be my very own custom bass
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dont play bass, but that $5499 one... verrrrry pretty.

EDIT: i notice no one has picked the starter pack. very sad...




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Fender Custom Shop Jazz Bass, Candy Apple Red, matching headstock, maple fretboard, gold hardware, white p-ups, mother of pearl, or abalone, pick-guard. that would do it, for me.
estimated price? around $3500.
Hmm... I would want: A five string with a high C, it would have a tobacco sunburst, quilt maple top, and Schaller tuners with a simple BAIII bridge. The pickups would be Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups, and it would be totally passive. Obviously it would be a jazz bass, and the pickups would be in the seventies configuration. They would be controlled via two volumes. The body would be made out of ash, the neck, a satin maple, with a maple fretboard. The inlays would be a gold block. No pickguard obviously. I think I could actually make hat through the Fender Custom Shop fairly easily for maybe $5000.
Okie dokies. I want an 8 string bass (F#BEADGCF) like this:

Neck through/string through body construction
Spalted Maple neck with purpleheart stringers
Honduras rosewood fingerboard
36 frets
Singlecut, deep treble side horn body
Fretted, but with one of those "make it fretless" system thingies.
Mahogany/Purpleheart/Mahogany sandwiched wings, with Buckeye burl top and back (veneer layer)
Matching buckeye burl headstock with Gotoh GB7 tuners
Some form of monorail bridge
35 inch scale
Nordstrand Dual Jazz Custom pickups (with mahogany pickup covers)
Dot inlays, with Blue LED side inlays
Volume, tone blend, treble, hi mid, lo mid, bass and pull pot (for LED) controls
Gold hardware
Demeter BEQ1 electronics
18mm string spacing
Dual adjustable graphite truss rods

I'll never have that much money though.
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Swamp ash explorer-shaped body, birdseye maple neck and fretboard, Badass II bridge, Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound jazz pickups (neck and bridge), Seymour Duncan Lightnin' Rod P-bass Pickups, a toggle switchfrom the passive to active pickups (dunno if I can actually do that), solid white finish, and black pickguard.
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I'd either get a 5 string Warwick Corvette Neck-thru or a 5 string Amberburst Spector Neck-thru.
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A Warwick Vampyre, and an amp to handle the F# lows :[
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