The other day at my local guitar center I was looking for some cool new basses to play some slap on, and I came across ocean basses. They were amazing to say the least. They had a very boutique quality to them, all with natural finishes and carved tops, they looked like they'd been made by a small business luthier. They had emg pickups and great bridges and were just very fun to play all around. What I liked most about them was how skinny the necks were, although it still maintained a thick tone. While I was there I played an ocean 4 string, 6 string, 5 string fretless, and 4 string fretless, and they were all teh sex. Does anyone have any experience with these? They were actually quite affordable.
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I've heard played a couple. But I honestly wasn't impressed with them.

1. My big problem with them was their active electronics. I'm very iffy on my active pre-amps. If it's not just right, than chances are a I would like it.

2. The neck just didn't feel right too me.

3. Body shape was really awkward for me.

Don't confuse good looks with small business luthier quality. The Ocean basses that I played, while they were decent basses, had flaws all over them. In the finish, the wood, the construction. Sure the flaws were small, but they were there.
As far as I know they're just Rebadged corts. Even down to the positioning of the inlays! the only major difference is the body is slanted differently and the headstock hasn't got the little cut in it
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