i am thinking about getting either a used Boss GT6 or a RP 350
Does the RP hold significant advantages over the Boss since its a new product and all...
i need opinions from anyone who has used both of these pedals

I play mostly metal so i need good high-gain distortion
I like to tweak a lot, so will i lose a lot of 'twekability' if i choose the RP
Never used either but i have used the RP-250 (I think it was a 250) and IMO it was crap. SOme of the effects were usable but on the whole it sounded terrible. Try em both out see which one u prefer.
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IMO GT-6. When you get a good amp, you could always do the 4 cable method for more tones.
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GT-6 my uncle has a gt-8 and it makes me orgasim in my pants it has soo much stuff but if you just need modualtion efffects and delays look at the boss me-50 because thats perfect for modulation effects and delays and there distortions are ok