I'm looking at the ESP LTD Deluxe series, the MH, EC, Viper, ect., and they all look pretty nice. They range from $750-900 or so, but which one should I go after? I really want whatever feels the biggest in my lap, as im sick of my S's thin body.

I dont mind having EMG's, a lot of what I play should work. I play both rhythm and some leads, if that makes a difference.
Well, the sunburst version of the Viper and EC series has Duncan pickups instead of EMGs. I would personally go for the EC series.
the MH-1000 is ****in' beautiful and plays really well also. Try it.
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What do you want us to choose a guitar for you? Go to a store and try them out yourself and buy the one you like the best.
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Im really just wondering which one is the biggest. I'm definitely going to try them out, if I can find a place that carries them.