I want to do a cover of Soma by The Strokes, but i need to know how to get that distorted vocal effect. (can be heard clearly when he raises his voice in the line "High stakes for a few names")

It is also heard on songs like Last Nite as well

many thanks
I think it's done by pushing the volume of the actual vocal take past the boundries of the program, so it gets slightly clipped, then pulling it back so it fits nicely in the with the recording =]

Hope that helps
i know the first album was recorded cheap, so thats perhaps why, mic it in the back of ure comp through audacity then push input level up, thats the way i would (not reccomending, just if i wanted to)
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EQ it like a telephone.
i know they never plugged it into a computer, im saying if "I" wanted to do that.
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Fender Nashville Telecaster
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Yeah, it's got to be analogue distortion, because there's no way you could get digital distortion to work quite like that.

Yeah, I'd think that the levels were deliberately set too high.
You could also play it back through headphones into a mike.

That's good for VU / Stooges type sounds, so I don't see why it shouldn't work.

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i think it was a high pass filter...

Yeah, I reckon all the low end plus some of the very high end is taken out because it sounds a bit like a transistor radio type thing.
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It sounds like he might be using a hi-pass filter, try that and it gives you that effect.

That's it. Arctic Monkeys use it alot on there new album as well.
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